Tutorial: Foundation for foundations

Tutorial: Foundation for foundations

Normal skin? Dry skin? Oily skin? A combination of the three? Well, the condition of your skin doesn’t really matter. But does your applied make-up remain without creasing or oxidizing? 

The price of make-up and limited range of shades in some brands has caused a tear in the industry. I’ve been doing my own make-up for over five years and I’ve recently expanded to doing others.

Working at the Ulta Beauty store has allowed me to work with different skin types and different brands. It is here that I‘ve learned tips and brand suggestions to use for your specific skin type, price preference and shade range. 

The first thing to remember is protecting your skin by starting with a good moisturizer and primer. Using a hydrating primer such as Too Faced Hangover or M.A.C. Prime+ Fix are recommended. These allow extra moisture to your skin and will allow your makeup to settle in nicely. 

For people with oily and combination skin, Smashbox Primer is the perfect sealant. This product forms a layer over your pores and keeps extra oil from seeping through. A dupe for Smashbox Primer would be NYX “Can’t Stop Won’t Stop” matte primer which is offered at a cheaper price yet still decent quality. 

Yet another alternative would be milk of magnesia because it absorbs excess oil and evens your skin tone. Applying a press powder from M.A.C. or Maybelline before applying a foundation will allow extra protection. Afterward, would be your foundation. Suggestions for foundations that complement oily or combination skin would be Fenty Beauty, Urban Decay and/or Becca products. 

Alternatively, use a limited amount if you experience dryness especially if you’re using a liquid based product. It is recommended to finish your face with a setting power for a smooth, finished look. I personally use Maybelline Fit Me finishing powder to set around my t-zone, which is the central part of a person’s face including the forehead, nose and chin. This decreases shine and helps oxidize the make-up. 

People with dry skin should avoid primers that are silicone based as it blocks your pores and causes your make-up to look caked on. I have dry spots around my nose area, so I apply a small amount of argon or coconut oil to help my makeup stay in place. Fenty, Nars, Tarte, NYX and Too Faced are the better brands to use for dry skin as they come with a wide range of shades and include undertone colors. 

People with normal skin should avoid heavy foundations. A good powder foundation like Bare Minerals will work well. If you do use liquid foundations, Clinique is a good option. Tarte is the only prestige brand that is cruelty free and prides their company on it.  

Remember, expensive brands are attractive but there are always affordable dupes and drugstore options. NYX Professional is the top drug store make-up brand, and the company recently released a new line of foundations that range in 45 shades. Their #Can’tStopWon’tStop foundation is the number one reviewed drug store brand. 

Maybelline has cruelty-free products and offer a multitude of shades and different formulas that accommodate varying skin types. Covergirl has nice foundations, but unfortunately it does not offer a huge shade range.  

Unfortunately, many brands don’t extend their shades for people of color. “It Cosmetics” is a high-end brand that limits the shades they produce to a neutral shade.  

When pop star turned businesswoman, Rihanna Robin Fenty, launched her make-up line “Fenty Beauty,” she produced 45 shades to accommodate consumers. In doing so, she knowingly set the bar high for beauty brands as her strategy challenged other companies that usually launched 12 shades with many of similar shades. 

Since the launch of Fenty Beauty, many brands have adjusted their products, which now offer a spectrum that include women of color, to be able to compete in the market and remain relative.

When I look at Youtube stars such as Nyma Tang who is darker toned and unable to wear most of the brands sent to her, I’m disheartened. Also, when I help my cousin who has the albinism condition with her makeup, I learned of the limited range of products for her skin tone. I am extremely thankful for the brands that reached all skin tones and conditions. I look forward to the day that every beauty line include shades for every shade.

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