7 spooktacular couples costume ideas

7 spooktacular couples costume ideas

Halloween is coming up quickly and it’s boo season! Somewhere between pumpkin carving and pumpkin latte-sipping you need to start thinking about the perfect, Instagram-worthy costume. No worries ghouls and gals, we’re here to help! Here’s a list of some couple’s costume inspiration:

1.     Elastigirl and Mr. Incredible:

“Incredibles 2” took the box office by storm this year. Remember splitting a $20 bucket of popcorn with bae? Creep it real and commemorate this memory by dressing as the heroes!

2.     The “dress” costume:

Remember “the dress” that broke the internet last year? Did your partner see it as black and blue or white and gold? Pick your side in this optical battle and have your boo get the opposit

3.     French Kiss:

Couples who pun together have fun together! This costume is scary easy to recreate. All you need is makeup like the heavy metal band Kiss, and some French accessories such as a beret and Parisian scarf. When people ask what you are, alternate who gets to say the play on words.

4.     Pizza Delivery

This costume idea is just a little cheesy! You two can fight over who gets to dress as a delivery person, while the other is a slice of pizza. #SquadGhouls

5.     Snapchat filters

This costume is super easy to create. Find a flower crown or a pair of rabbit ears; whatever your favorite snapchat filter is. Then draw some other filters on tiny circles and attach them to your shirt (just like at the bottom of your phone screen).

6.     Mario and Princess Peach

Who’s better at Mario Kart? Use those bragging rights on Halloween night and dress as this dynamic duo! Or interchange one character for another (i.e. Luigi and Mario for a male couple.) 

7.     Kermit and Miss Piggy

Use these famous muppet characters as your costume inspiration!


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