Top 10 Halloween sweets

Top 10 Halloween sweets

It’s Spooky Season, everyone! Not only is everyone enjoying their favorite scary movies, they are also munching on their favorite snacks. We compiled a list of 10 Halloween sweets that are a must have for a spooky autumn night.

1.     Candy Corn

Love or hate it, is it really Halloween without it?

2.     Twizzlers

This red twisted licorice is perfect for trick or treating.

3.     Twix

Whether you like left or right, these crunchy twin chocolate bars are a must have!

4.     Starburst

Juicy little square treats with irresistible flavors.

5.     Kit Kat

Give me a break of this chocolate coated bar.

6.     Tootsie Rolls

If these chocolate rolls are not in your candy bowl, are you even trick or treating?

7.     Blow Pops

Because suckers aren’t just people who get scared easily.

8.     Nerds

No, we don’t mean STEM majors.

9.     Snickers

You’re not you when you’re hungry.

10.   Warheads

These sour candies will give you something else to scream about.

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