SGA launches Blackboard page

SGA launches Blackboard page

According to an official email sent out by President Brandon Eberl, the Student Government Association has launched an online initiative to communicate with students on Blackboard.

The platform that SGA released explained that the function of the page would include forums where students can post their concerns and converse directly with members of student government.

The page will also store contact information for all members of SGA, the organization’s constitution and bylaws, and information on all of their events and initiatives.

One objective that Eberl mentioned in his email is a goal “to bridge the gap between students, SGA, and University administrators.”

The idea to launch the SGA blackboard page came from Samuel Boyd, the current senator for Humanities and Social Sciences.

Boyd said that his background in computer science prompted him to consider how SGA could use technology to find solutions. He said that once they decided to use Blackboard that creating the project was a “long and tedious process.”

“I worked on it probably about 30 hours, most of which was either siphoning through data or learning how blackboard works,” he said.

Boyd said that while he is unsure whether this will impact the relationship between SGA and the student body, he is enthusiastic about the idea.

“My hope is that students will be able to speak their concerns openly and directly,” he continued, mentioning the “discussion section” of the page as one avenue.


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