Midterm Horoscopes

Midterm Horoscopes

Aries: Studying this week should be a breeze with your sense of ambition. So let these midterms fly right on by. 

Taurus: With lots of chicken nuggies and late night studying, you’ll be saying “midterms who?”

Gemini: Though you seem to have an answer for everything, now is not the time to use that ability. Save that for when you’re getting ticketed by campus police. 



Cancer: You guys think I’ll still pass if I wing this midterm? 

Leo: You obviously got this, so get that study group together and ace these midterms!

Virgo: You’ve been going so hard all semester you could do this midterm in your sleep. 

Libra: We had a midterm?!? *panics in quizlet*

Scorpio: It is prime-time-grind-time, queen! You’ll be prepped for these midterms, but not without your face mask and 8 glasses of water. 

Sagittarius: Strap-in, folks! While these other fools are stressing over exams you will be chilling and riding all this out. 

Capricorn: Kissing up to your professors is finally going to pay off. Straight A’s it is! 

Aquarius: You’ll lie and say you didn't have enough time for the exam, but we both know that you crammed so much the night before. Good luck sweetie! 

Pisces: Tears, tissues, and tests! Just don’t wait until the night before to study (even though you probably still will).

Editor’s Note: This article is written for entertainment purposes only and should not be used to make life decisions. Please study for your midterms.

Photo by Michael Kuras.

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