Mac Miller remembered

Mac Miller remembered

On September 7, 2018, Mac Miller passed away at 26 years old due to an alleged drug overdose in Studio City, California.

Miller’s death left fans and colleagues in a state of disarray because of his positive and energetic persona. The Pittsburgh native influenced millions of people, and he’ll be remembered as one of the most talented musicians of our generation.

Miller was young when he began making music and many of his fans discovered him at a young age as well. For this reason, many of them associate memorable times, from high school to college, with his music. Millions of people gravitated to his music because he consistently emanated a message of self-expression, creativity, and unconformity.

That’s not to say that same message wasn’t present in the rap industry, but the methods he used to project it were unique to him. 

When I discovered Mac, I found his energetic yet nonchalant personality to be both unconventional and impressive. His music personified fearlessness because he capsulized the idea of individuality in a society where many of us restructure ourselves based on external influences. For some, this point may be missed based on the content of his music but, for long-time fans, it's unforgettable.

For those who supported Mac, hearing he died from a drug overdose is disappointing because he was so talented and had so much life ahead of him. Personally, I’ve pondered what drove him to that point but I and no one else can definitively answer that question. His death is a tragedy and his fans may never listen to him in the way they did before. In some way, his death feels like losing an old friend.

Sadly, Mac’s death highlights the epidemic of drug abuse that plagues our beautiful country today. There’s been much debate about whether drug abuse is a disease or choice and, frankly, I find that debate to be impractical. One thing we can all agree on is that it’s a dark, growing problem we must address.

Moreover, I don’t believe any public policy administrating punishments to users will solve this issue. This issue will take many years to diminish but with compassion and discipline, I believe this issue can be subdued.

If you’re struggling with drug abuse or know someone who is, don’t be afraid to reach out for help. You aren’t alone.

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